QGC,RW BlueBlaze Satai Neroon
"Neroon the Loon"
DGC,RW BlueBlaze Naib Stilgar
QGC,RW Cloistercoon RM Anirul of BlueBlaze
The name Satai Neroon is from the TV Series Babylon 5, created by J. (Joe) Michael Straczynski. Neroon is a Minbari, an alien race existing at an uneasy truce with Earth 10 years after the Earth-Minbari War. Leader of the Star Riders Clan of the warrior caste, Neroon is a constant foil to Ambassador Delenn, right up until his last minute revelation in the episode "Moments of Transition."

A wonderful overview of the entire Babylon 5 5-year story arc can be found in Tom's Smith's famous filk song Five Years.
John Vickery as Neroon
John Vickery as Neroon
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