BlueBlaze "Special Guest Queen" - Florabunda Frostflower of Kennebec
CH Islandcats Taboo of Florabunda X Florabunda Marigold

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Flake comes to BlueBlaze as a our very special guest, and will be in residence for approximately a year, in order to have a litter of kittens with Ace, our senior stud. Flake was bred by Jan Glass, and usually resides in Pittsburgh at Kennebec Cattery. She has outstanding head type, a very strong chin, large ears, abundant lynx tips, large boning and a gorgeous coat. She showed her wonderful potential as a 4 month old kitten, and has fulfilled it nicely.

Flake does not like to have her picture taken.
Florabunda Frostflower of Kennebec
Blue Tortoiseshell Maine Coon Female
Flake Flake Flake

Flake was tested for the MybPC3 gene mutation [HCM DNA test] by the Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory at Washington State University and found negative.

Flake's Pedigree

Flake's HCM DNA Test Results

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