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CH BlueBlaze Misravot
Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon Female
Misravot & Friends
A young Ravi [center] with her friends Merry & Hell on Wheels

Ravi is our first silver tabby that isn't also shaded, so for a very long time we thought she was a blue tabby. Ravi's value to our breeding program lies in her truly striking head type--she has an absolutely picture perfect head. The balance is lovely, her muzzle is square, her chin is strong and deep, her eyes and ears are large and properly set. We hope she passes that type on to her kittens.

Ravi was tested for the MybPC3 gene mutation [HCM DNA test] by the Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory at Washington State University and found negative.

Ravi's Sire                Ravi's Dam

Ravi's Pedigree

Ravi's HCM DNA Test Results

Misravot Misravot

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