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CH BlueBlaze Nova yos'Galen
"No Va"
SGC,RW BlueBlaze Keighvin Silverhair X Yofranlin Rebma of BlueBlaze
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Nova is the first of what is likely to be bunch of cats named for characters (and other items) in the Liaden Universe® .
In the books, Nova yos'Galan is the sister of Shan & Anthora, and Speaker-in-Trust for Clan Korval while Val Con is off doing things for the Department of Interior.
Nova the cat has developed the nickname "No Va" - spanish for "Don't Go." She is somewhat inquisitive (she's a cat!), and likes to explore places we'd rather she avoided looking into . . .
Partners in Necessity Cover Art
cover art by Michael Herring
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BlueBlaze Misravot
DGC,RW BlueBlaze Naib Stilgar
QGC,RW Cloistercoon RM Anirul of BlueBlaze
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Ravi is a beautiful blue silver tabby - a blue tabby with a pale undercoat. She was named after Daav yos'Phelium's favorite wine, Misravot, which is blue in color with a burnt cinnamon taste.
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BlueBlaze Cantra of Kennebec
TGC,RW Florabunda Faux Paw of Kennebec
CH BlueBlaze Esmay Suiza
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Cantra aka Chunky was a show stopper right from the beginning. She was always strong, solid and not afraid of anything and we tried to find a name to encompass that. She was named after the founder & First Delm of Clan Korval, Cantra yos'Phelium. Even the money in use on Liad, the cantra, is named for her. We hope she lives up to her name.
Crystal Soldier's cover art
cover art by Donato Giancola

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have done a phenomenal job with the Liaden Universe® books. More information can be found on the Liaden Universe® homepage. You can also find information on the Liaden chapbooks from SRM, Publisher, Ltd. there.
All of the books are currently in print and can be purchased directly from Meisha Merlin.

Flaran Cha'menthi

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